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It is ideal to achieve the best digital marketing results for your company

What is OHI advertising ?

  • Digital advertising on the right platforms for your company.
  • It's more human, non-invasive.
  • We use HubSpot for a correct attribution of results to various channels that you use.
  • It is a perfect complement to your strategy of Inbound Marketing.
  • We create campaigns based on your Buyer Persona and Buyer Journey.

On which advertising platforms can we create campaigns?

With HubSpot CRM and web analytics data, we create and optimize your company's online advertising campaigns (on Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, and LinkedIn Ads). This way, we achieve proper attribution of results to the right channels. Additionally, you can obtain data on your return on investment (ROI) and see exactly which ads convert more contacts into effective customers.

What does it mean we take into account

the Inbound methodology ?

We create strategies and organize your campaigns (Online Advertising) as a perfect complement to the inbound strategy of your business, we also rely on the Buyer Journey and Buyer Person.

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